DID YOU KNOW…?  Tee Lake has some of the highest quality water test results in the state.  A copy of the two (2) available Water Quality Testing Reports can be obtained several ways: by clicking the button(s) below or sending an email to TLPOA.Lewiston@yahoo.com with your request.
Our water quality is due, in large part, to two TLPOA projects: Project Air (a.k.a. Bubblers) & Project Muck.  
Both Projects are headed up and run by UN-PAID VOLUNTEERS.  Chris & Ryan put so much of their own time and resources into these projects, but they can't do this alone.  We need skilled electricians, building & construction guys, general woodworkers, and ordinary Janes/Joes who have a couple hours once in a while to help out.  If you are interested & can help, please contact Chris Vogt or Ryan Bagby directly.  You can find their contact info on the "Contact Information" page of this website ~ Tee Lake will Thank You for your time!
Project Air
Project Air is a system of aerators and compressors on the South Arm of Tee Lake for the purpose of reducing muck accumulation and weed growth and has been in operation seasonally since the late 1980’s.  Many of the "old timers" on the lake recall that the south arm was heavily weeded and full of hip deep muck prior to Project Air implementation.  As a result of the aerators, the muck and heavy weed growth have been greatly reduced over the years.  Instead of declining property values due to poor lake quality, Project Air has helped to improve lake quality, and hence improve property values.  We hope you see the value of Project Air and will contribute voluntarily (contributions/donations are not required of property owners).  
Project Air will need ongoing, additional funding for testing, permits, repair and maintenance. TLPOA is requesting Property Owner support.  A detailed breakdown of costs can be provided upon request. 
Permitting and testing requirements came into being when Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) took over responsibility for lake aeration programs.  In March of 2020, we were made aware that TLPOA would require permitting from the State of Michigan to continue use of our aerators.  The permit was issued for 5 years (2021 through 2025) and requires extensive (and expensive) lake quality testing by state approved laboratories in years 1 and 5 of the permit. Throughout the following months, Project Air has been engaged in discussions regarding the state mandated testing requirements of our aerator program with EGLE.  Although we were successful in getting EGLE to reduce some of the testing requirements, we are still faced with significant testing costs.
Testing in year 1 occurs in early spring, midsummer, late summer, and winter, and will cost almost $9500.  The other great testing expense will come in year 5 (2025) and will cost approximately $8500. The testing costs are over and above the annual costs for electricity usage and maintenance of the aerator pumps.  Previously we had requested a donation of $60 from each property owner for annual costs associated with project air.  Please Note: We have over 200 Property Owners, yet we typically only see donations from just under 80 of them.  
We NEED more support to continue our improvements.  EVERY SINGLE Property Owner receives benefit from Project Air.  No matter where on Tee Lake your property is located - even in the deepest sections - water quality is better.  When we cruise around the entire lake, we no longer need to worry about weeds getting tangled in our propellers.  Fishing on our lake actually brings in some Walleye, Bass or Bluegill (to name a few).  Children, Grandchildren & Pets can frolic in the water without worrying about sinking in hip-deep muck. 
Project Air is requesting annual donations of $160 from each Property Owner.  (But the Project will happily accept whatever you choose to give!)
Donations can be sent with your Annual Membership Form & Dues (if you choose to join the POA) or individually as you see fit to:  Tee Lake POA; PO box 503; Lewiston, MI 49756, OR via PayPal to TLPOA.Lewiston@yahoo.com
Project Air will require ongoing testing after year 5 (2025) With more Property Owners participating/contributing, we hope to significantly reduce the requested annual donation from each individual.  For your anticipated support ~ Tee Lake Thanks You!
Chris Vogt heads up Project Air & is in need of volunteers to assist him with pump start-up/shut-off, maintenance, etc.  If you are mechanically inclined, possess electrical and/or woodworking skills or are just a general construction guy/gal please consider helping Chris with this project.  Chris can be reached directly at 248-639-8079.
Project Muck 
PROJECT MUCK works by using a DNR/EGLE approved, biological additive: Pond-Vive.  Pond-Vive is a blend of enzymes and bacteria strains specifically formulated for lake maintenance.  The enzymes break down waste to an easily digestible form for the bacteria, speeding up the cleaning process in the water.  The additive is spread around the lake 3-5 times each season by volunteer(s).  It takes Ryan Bagby almost 2 full days for each application.  Pond-Vive works best when used in conjunction with an aeration system (we have Project Air!) and greatly reduces muck accumulations.  This in turn supports the health and reproductive abilities of our fish and wildlife.  We typically spend about $4,500 on the additive, not inclusive of the gas/maintenance of the barge used to spread, yearly.  This project has a suggested voluntary donation of $50/property owner per year.
Ryan is in need of volunteers to help him with the logistics & distribution of the additives.  If you can help, please contact him directly at 330-419-8665 ~ Tee Lake will thank-you for your support!

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